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TRU's ASL Yoga Class FAQ


Tru’s ASL interpreted classes are very similar to our standard open flow classes with a few notable differences.


Most importantly, there is an ASL interpreter positioned in the front of the room or in the sight-line of any Deaf or hard-of-hearding yogis in attendance.


The instructor also moves around the room to be in the sight-line of Deaf and hard-of-hearing yogis and visually demos most or all asanas.


Physical adjustments and cues are offered by consent.


The instructor provides consistent and detailed verbal cues to ensure that all participants have access to the same focus and alignment cues.


For this class we face a solid wall, rather than a window to avoid backlighting the interpreters.


We welcome and validate all bodies.


This class has a communal and supportive atmosphere.


No prior yoga experience needed.


“Beloved community is formed not by the eradication of difference but by its affirmation, by each of us claiming the identities and cultural legacies that shape who we are and how we live in the world.”

~bell hooks

ASL Interpreted Yoga

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