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"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." – Coretta Scott King



If this is your first time visiting TRU Yoga, welcome! We strive to create an open and welcoming

atmosphere for everyone to feel comfortable. Everyone is welcome in any class at any time.

Feel free to drop in or take advantage of our 2 or 4-week unlimited passes

We look forward to seeing you!

FAQ's and Studio Policies


Who can practice yoga?


Everyone and anyone can practice yoga! There
are no prerequisites for athleticism, flexibility, or spirituality—just arrive! It's about YOU, your practice and making it YOURS. Our instructors will help guide you while allowing you to experience the poses within your own body.


What should I expect?


Yoga classes resemble in appearance what you might visualize any exercise class to look like (though you will soon discover that it is quite a different practice). In other words, there are multiple students, with varying degrees of experience, in the studio with an instructor who will guide the group through sequences. Tru instructors are expertly trained to allow each student to experience the class within their own unique self. This means that each posture, movement, exercise, and practice is what the individual makes it.


What should I bring
to class?


Bring a yoga mat to class. If you do not have one you may purchase or borrow one at TRU Yoga for your practice. Some people also like to bring a towel and water to class. Dress for class comfortably in clothes that you can move in freely. Finally, come with an open mind and you're set to go!


Can my child attend?

For safety purposes, youth attendees must be

at least 13 years of age. Yogis 13 and older are welcome to attend class with a parent or legal guardian. Yogis 16 and older are welcome to attend unaccompanied. No person 18 or younger can participate in heated classes or Intermediate +. 


Where can I park?

We have off street parking off of Gregory Street behind the studio.  You may park anywhere there is not a reserved sign behind the Abeles building. There is also usually ample street parking on Gregory, a public parking lot off of South beside the laundromat  and  bike racks available in near the studio. A map of our location and directions are available here.  You will be able to find ample off street as well.  


Where is Tru located?

Please remember we moved across the street to 683 South Avenue - the former Mise En Place Building.  There will be parking behind the building, as well as, on the street.  

Studio Policies


Please see our home page for COVID-19 Guidelines


Arrive 5-10 minutes early for class- doors to the studio open 15 minutes before class.

You may pre-register for classes online here. Please be aware this does not reserve a spot in class, but it does expedite check-in to  help ensure everyone is settled, on their mat in time for class to begin. 

If there are more than 15 minutes between classes and you would like to take both, you must leave the studio between classes.

Kids under age 16 are only permitted in the studio for classes when accompanied with a practicing adult (and must be cleared by the owner after conversation with parent).  No person 18 or younger can participate in heated classes or intermediate +. 

Please do not wear shoes into the practice space- we have benches and shoe racks where you may keep your belongings during your practice.

If you are late, please enter quietly and courteously, and don't forget to sign in.


If you have to leave early, please take a spot closer to one of the  the exits and leave in a quiet and courteous manner.
If we can, we will post class cancellations due to weather on our home page at least 2 hours before class is scheduled to being.

Finally... breathe, move and have fun!

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